Dinner with me and my parents

Hello! I am Tatevik Babayan from Armenia, Yerevan!

Yerevan Location
Hi, I’m Tatev and have recently repatriated to Armenia, after having lived in Germany for many years. I’m native Armenian but have been living over 10 years in Germany which has had its impact over my mentality and culture. I'm an environmental scientist having studied and worked in Germany. 

I am curious about exploring the nature, but I'm similarly interested in the diversity and culture of people. Come over to our house. I want to share the stories of my family and myself with travelers. Our house's furnishing and decoration is still kept very much like in soviet style, which I think would be interesting to see. 

 I will be delighted to cook for you. The vegetables, meat and generally cooking ingredients in Armenia are very delicious, so I enjoy playing with the flavors while cooking. This time of the year is the greatest time to enjoy the different vegetables and fruits growing locally. I usually use seasonal ingredients and herbs and am told to be a good cook :) If you have special requests concerning your diet, we can of course discuss in advance and I’ll adjust my recipes accordingly.

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