The art, the nature, and the Armenian soul.

Hello! I am Sahakyan Andranik from Armenia, Yerevan!

Yerevan Location

My story is long and takes you to Siberia. Indeed, how an Armenian could be connected with ? That was my dad’s honor which cost him a prison and of course unbelievable family story. Maybe all these tales condensed and pressured in me had to come out through art? I became I painter. It was my aunt who grew me up and she noticed my interest to visual art. Since then, this is my life - to express the Armenian nature and/or the nature of Armenians through my art.

My big family, of course, they are unique too. How else? My daughter paints too. My son started his own family and gives the vision to the future which definitely connected with Armenia. Come over, I always have something special to tell, something unique to do. We can paint (or I paint you) just chat, share or dream. Our doors are open as the large Armenian hearts.

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