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Hello! I am Diana Martirosyan from Armenia, Yerevan ! A cultural journalist, film critic, foodaholic and a dog lover 🤍

Yerevan Location

Hey, I am Diana, cultural journalist, film critic, foodaholic and a dog person. As a professional I do talk and write about cinema, visual art, media, as a Yerevanian girl and a traveler I am so into almost any kind of social-cultural or urbanistic discussion. Last year I was in the jury board of the Odesa and Cairo International Film Festivals and every year I play a crucial role for the Golden Apricot International Film Festival. All my public work is focused on the equality, elimination of stereotypes and society progress in Armenia. With my dear friends we hold public talks, record...

Welcome to our place. I live with my family, and they are happy to open our doors to foreign friends. Our cozy and homely warm place hosted many talented people. Well, you are the next. Join our family dinner, bring your stories to our table and we will add on it Armenian flavor. BTW, we have a fluffy dog called Oscar. What else shall be called film critic’s dog?

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