Khmer Wedding in Punleu Paradise Restaurant

Hello! We are Punleu Paradise Restaurant from Siem Reap, Cambodia!

Siem Reap Location
Punleu Paradise Restaurant in Siem Reap, Cambodia and are happy to make this unique opportunity for you to attend a real Khmer Wedding.

We kindly asked the wedding couples and they were very happy to open invitation for their special day. Well, this is going to be a Special Day for you too.

Here are a few details about attending a local wedding.

Date: 15th of Feb, 2023

Groom: Dok Phearum
Bride: No Chhorda

Dress code: Dress the best of your clothes like you want to impress all the word at once. Make up? Of course!

Gift: It is common that foreigners give to the couple $25 and more in a nice envelope. This amount is not included in the events booking price.

Process: We will organize a tuk-tuk transportation to/from the location. For an additional charge we can organize a taxi too. 

Our focal point will greet you at the venue and introduce to the marrying couple. You will be the special guests of the family. 

For further questions and details please contact Team.

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