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Participate in authentic family gatherings such as lunches or dinners, birthdays, weddings, and other community events.

Discover one-of-a-kind travel experiences and immerse yourself in local cultures across our featured destinations.

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Discover this mysterious civilization that plays so smoothly between history and the modern world, setting trends for the rest of the world. Their unique design and shapes, and a lifestyle of sufficient minimalism, is a dream for many.


The cradle of democracy, philosophy, and theatre. Who are the Greeks nowadays, and how do they celebrate their life and history? Be part of their routine and tomorrow.


Tables full, mood festive, hearts as large as the universe - they are Kartvelebi. Wine and delicious food, loud music that will shake your spirit.


The diversity of the climate can also be seen in the cultures and among the people. However, it must be experienced to discover the uniqueness of the Namibian people. Locals open their doors and their hearts to fellow travelers.

Guest reviews

The local family was super welcoming and happy when we arrived. They wanted to show me around and chat about what they do and how they do things. That was really nice to experience. So the food was incredible. I would definitely encourage people to take part in this experience as its very helpful to understand local Cambodians lifestyle, day to day life and also just their openheartedness.
Nicolette Kap
South Africa
Profile of  Nicolette Kap
I enjoyed the dinner and the atmosphere at the Cambodian wedding. To me, your events are a nice way to allow travelers with not much time or who can't organize things by themselves to experience something more authentic.
Maricla Pannocchia
Profile of  Maricla Pannocchia
It was great experience in Armenia. I'm making special trips around Armenia about two years and cooperating with local projects. It was the first time to collaborate with Like Local, Gevorg and him team. We were visiting the artist Arusik and her family. We had a great dinner and cozy time. I want to repeat this event with my new guests. Try to look at Armenia on the other hand together with Like Local.
Katya Klonova-Bichkova
Profile of Katya Klonova-Bichkova

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