About Us

We are a cultural immersion experience platform. LikeLocal.io opens local homes to travelers and the world to locals. Guests can visit local's places for having lunch or dinner, attend birthdays or weddings, or experiencing other aspects of everyday life.

We are a marketplace that democratizes and decentralizes tourism. Now, everyone can add value to the tourism industry while simultaneously earning income by becoming a host. LikeLocal.io facilitates positive cross-cultural exchange and works towards eliminating biases in the industry.

As we shape our society, we acknowledge that evolution never stops; we can guide it in one direction or another. Technological advancements like digital footprints, future web3, and AI integration represent leaps in our evolution. However, these are merely technical changes. What kind of social behaviors should we adopt? Do technological solutions solve all our problems, or do they also lead to clustering?

We believe that tolerance and equality are not passive states defined by a lack of harm. Instead, they should be active states involving connection, learning, and celebration. This is the form of tolerance and equality that we promote, and this is the world we envision through LikeLocal.io.

The LikeLocal team is a group of enthusiasts who have dedicated their efforts and resources to this cause for years. Since the conceptualization of our idea in 2020, we have faced numerous global and local challenges. Nevertheless, nothing has stopped us, and our persistence reinforces our belief that what we are doing is right, kind, and necessary.

How it works for travelers?

You can only really learn about a place by experiencing it through the life of a local. Only then you can say You Have Been Here.

With LikeLocal you can join a daily breakfast with a local family, dinner with a couple that they're having anyway or a wedding ceremony locals are doing with their relatives.

Just choose your preferred event, click join and get confirmation from the local.

If you have a preferred local family or an individual with whom you want to connect, but there are no events scheduled during your travel dates, please contact us. We will try our best to arrange it for you.

How it works for locals?

LikeLocal aspires to show that communities don't need the highest skyscrapers or the best beaches to be attractive to travelers. We prove that the warmth of locals' hearts and their unconditional hospitality is the best attraction.

Just register, tell us a couple of words about the event you will be having along with pictures of your place and our country manager will contact you.

A Story of an Experience