About Us

LikeLocal is a platform that opens the doors for travelers to visit locals for meals, birthdays, weddings and anything that happens in their real lives.

How it works for travelers?

You can only really learn about a place by experiencing it through the life of a local. Only then you can say You Have Been Here.

With LikeLocal you can join a daily breakfast with a local family, dinner with a couple that they're having anyway or a wedding ceremony locals are doing with their relatives.

Just choose your preferred event, click join and get confirmation from the local.

How it works for locals?

LikeLocal aspires to show that communities don't need the highest skyscrapers or the best beaches to be attractive to travelers. We prove that the warmth of locals' hearts and their unconditional hospitality is the best attraction.

Just register, tell us a couple of words about the event you will be having along with pictures of your place and our country manager will contact you.