Let's bake a cake and forget about diet!t

Hello! I am Kristine Hovhannisyan from Vardakar, Armenia!

Vardakar Location
Good day, I am Kristine and I am the founder of Shataker Shara (Gourmand Shara) bakery in the village of Vardakar near Gyumri. Even though I live in Gyumri, I grew up in a village and I have the best memories connected with this clean environment. I pity that people leave the village to find work somewhere else. It makes me sad to see children absorbed in their phones instead of running outside, planting trees or harvesting fruits. I decided to start a bakery in this small village, to empower women, to buy organic dairy and eggs from the villagers, and to have a local business that can attract guests to this area.

Our small bakery grows every week. We make birthday cakes, sweet breads, and traditional pastry. Now we plan to expand our space, as we have new bakers and modern fridges, so we hope to involve more people in our production. We will be happy to share our kitchen with guests who are interested to bake with us or become a part of our team for a short time. Our guests can make the dough, whip the cream, decorate our cakes with glaze and sprinkles, or they can learn how to make Armenian gata. We also have a nice garden, where you can sit and enjoy your pastry. 

I am glad to do something useful for the village. One of my brightest childhood memories is when my grandma used to collect lots of goods in a huge straw basket and send it with us to grandpa. I remember us jumping up and down the open trunk of a big car as we drove to meet our grandpa in the field, and we were truly happy those days. The village is the main breadwinner for everyone and we should not abandon it. 

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