Enjoy organic herbal teas at our wonderful garden

Hello! I am Shushanna Abrahamyan from Hovq, Armenia!

Hovq Location
Dear friend, Let me introduce myself briefly and hope to meet you sometime soon in Dilijan! 

I live in Hovk - one of the most picturesque villages of Armenia. We have a beautiful garden next to our house and all four members of my family take care of it all year round.

I get empowered with every single flower or leaf blossoming in our garden. Nature provides an incredible source of energy to me. My garden is like a living creature that when nursed properly treats its gardeners with delicious organic produce that we consume all year round. Decorative plants are my passion and I love learning about them and collecting their seeds.

Despite the availability of the lush green garden, every year we hike into the mountains to collect rare herbs both for eating and for medical purposes. Each family has its favorites and we are not an exception too 

We are planning a such trip with my son in the coming days. If you are fond of nature, mindful hikes, and interaction with nature, then this is your time. Join us, let's stroll around the hills and bushes, collect some herbs, get our meal like a fancy picnic, and enjoy this beautiful day together.

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