Let's go for a picnic in the picturesque Dilijan forests

Hello! I am Mariam Petrosyan from Dilijan, Armenia!

Dilijan Location
Greetings, dear friend. 

I work at the Dilijan tourist information center and state college. Lucky for me, my job is related to my main field of interest which is tourism. Knowing the typical travelers' needs and wants helps me create interesting experiences for my guests.

I find my superpower in exploring the wild nature of Armenia. Me and my husband often discover beautiful spots in Dilijan's forests and have a beautiful picnic there. Both of us completely recharge in nature. To me, travel and nature are interconnected and exploring the local wildlife is not a hobby, but rather a lifestyle.

Through the Like Local project, I wish to meet optimistic nature lovers, who appreciate and enjoy the beauty of untouched wilderness. I would gladly take them on a tour of the most wonderful hidden spots in the local forests. We'll organize a beautiful picnic in the open air with aromatic herbal teas, homemade fruit jams and pastries. It's a way of appreciating simple life moments and charging the body and soul with great positive energy. 

I wish that all visitors to Armenia feel the hospitality of our people. A human to human connection is the main souvenir that they will take home with and I'll make sure that their experience is positive. In addition with beautiful sightseeing and delicious food tasting, hopefully travelers will have a truly memorable experience. I wish to show them Armenia through my eyes. The rich nature and history of our country are the real treasures worth discovering. 

My guests can also stay overnight at our guest house if they wish. I hope to meet you soon in Dilijan!

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