Vietnamese Weddings

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Hello! I am Binh from Vietnam, đà nẵng!

Location đà nẵng

Have you ever been to a Vietnamese wedding? A real one, not a staged for tourists. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE! We are wedding agency and providing this opportunity to only a few people. We agreed with the bride and groom to host foreign guests in their wedding. They are happy to see you in their special day. Believe me, the party, the Vietnamese hospitality will make it special for you too. Shall we mention about 100s of guests, tables full of food, alcohol pouring all over? Or we shall mention that the party is lots of fun, with live music and endless dances, dances, dances! What else is there to differentiate it from other weddings? Ah, that’s our secret. We can say there will be lots of games, entertaining activities which are part of our culture and tradition. Of course, the last breathtaking moment is when the bride and groom offering wine to their parents and their image is displayed on the screen! Aaawwww.

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