From city to the village: Just breathe!

Hello! I am Anna Galstyan from Aghavnavank, Armenia!

Aghavnavank Location
Hi, I am Anna Galstyan and I am the producer of the morning show of Armenian public TV. For over 20 years, my life has been evolving around TV, famous people, busy work, loud noises and bright lights. But now my life has been enriched with another aspect – I bought a house in the village of Aghavnavank and my life took a different turn. I have been looking for my safe haven for four years and by accident, I found it in Aghavnavank. This village has a special aura; whoever visits my place experiences calmness and peace due to this nature and local people.

Surrounded by forests and mountains of Tavush province, this place looks like heaven to me. I really want people to know the village, take a break from their hectic life and just breathe. As I have many friends in show business and art sphere, I also want to turn my place into a cultural venue, where people can organize their events, movie screenings, book presentations, different receptions. I want to host local people – especially women and youngsters, to bring some diversity into their lives. I would like to empower local women who have hard time getting jobs or finding their path in life. 

I am not a villager, I moved here from a city. I was longing for the simplicity in my life and I now want to share it with my guests. People can stay in Boon for an overnight, organize or be a part of cultural events, or just come over for a unique meal on a special outside stove. I love experimenting in the kitchen and I would love to cook for my guests. Whatever you see in my house – design, renovations, every detail has been thought and created thoroughly, so that everyone can recreate their comfort zone and enjoy the peace. 

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