Family Dinner in the Oldest District of Yerevan- Kond

Hello! I am Lusine Avetisyan from Armenia, Yerevan!

Yerevan Location
Hi Everyone, Im Lusine, from Kond. Me and my family living here for generations. My husband Armen and I were neighbors, grew up together and decided to join our lives further too. 

We have two grown children who have taken their paths already. Our son Nikolay and his beautiful wife Karina live with us. Well, they are celebrities of our family. Nikolay is a renown actor of the State Dramatic Theater. Karina is a well respected journalist in Armenia. 

However, our house is another star. This was a persian established estate back 300 years ago. 

 We are inviting you to our place, for a family dinner. With only Kond specific hospitality will feed you the delicious Armenia meal. Join our evening fun. We will tell you the stories and legends of our neighborhood, our district. Ask any local about the Kond, that's like a mystery, but it will be unfolded for you.

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