Let's have a lunch together-Armenian barbeque, hm? And then delicious coffee or tea!

Hello! I am Hermine Papikyan from Armenia, Gyumri! See you at my place!

Gyumri Location
We are a family of four, living in a small and cozy house, in the heart of Gyumri city, full of paintings and can be transformed into an art gallery. My husband is a painter, and now, already, a 3D animator, that creates all the nice cartoons for the kids. So, he can show how all those cartoons are coming up. Well, I am a project manager for local and international youth and an art-lover. We have a teen boy and 3,5 years old daughter, who are joy of our house. So, with all these family bouquet we will organise a lunch for you with Armenian "khorovats"(barbeque) of fish or meat or vegetables. You can even take part in its preparation yourself. The spices of the lunch is, of course, communication and talks around Armenian traditions, legends, way of living. . 
 The lunch will be completed with good coffee, or tea and, and, of course, conversations about the country that hosts you.

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