Sourdough Bread Baking. Food Wine and Love

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Hello! We are Greg and Lilit from Armenia, Yerevan!

Location Yerevan

Treat yourself with the Best food made with Love and Care specially for You! We are Greg and Lilit, "Newborn family" of Enthusiasts. We believe, the secret of hapiness is Sharing Love every moment. Indeed "Bread of Happiness" is one of slogans of our family. We are honored to invite you to be a part of our Journey of Love, Colors, Tastes and Signs. Come over to our place and let's celebrate Life like Armenians do, by sharing Care and Love. Our ERA bread is one of those ancient sacraments, which is passed on as a talisman from generation to generation, spreading its supernatural power and LOVE everywhere

We will bake Sourdough bread with unique ingredients: LOVE, SOUL, LIFE. During the meeting we will create together beautiful sourdough loaves and interesting traditional sweets, after baking we will serve together food and wine. You will discover different shade of Armenian hospitality and culture. Together with Greg we will create hand crafted things. Come and unchain your inner potential with us. Enjoy the moments with us. Let's dive in beautiful colors of Life, Food and Culture. We are glad to meet you. Yours Greg and Lilit. See you <3

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