Hun Mean and His Large Family are Welcoming You!

Hello! I am Hun Mean from Siem Reap, Cambodia!

Siem Reap Location
Hi, I'm Hun Mean. Just to clarify, "Mean" isn't of being mean; it's simply my surname. I've been a tuk-tuk driver for over 15 years. My wife, Korlab, and I have been married for over two decades, and our son David is turning 20 this year (2023).

Every day, I drive my tuk-tuk through Siem Reap, ensuring that my passengers get the best experience. Being familiar with all the hidden alleys and gems, I always seize the opportunity to show them around.

Before COVID, Korlab worked as a kitchen assistant in a hotel, showcasing her exceptional cooking skills. Now, she's shifted to selling coffee on the highway. She's hopeful that, with the revival of tourism, she can return to her former job. Meanwhile, we get to savor her culinary talents at home.

Our home is a bustling hub of activity. Located next to my mother's and cousins' houses, there's always something happening. My cousin's kids often play in our yard, and the sense of community is palpable. 

We'd be delighted to welcome you for dinner at our home. And as hinted, delicious food is a guarantee!

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