Local Entrepreneurs the Lon Family Welcomes You

Hello! I am Phouk Lon from Siem Reap, Cambodia!

Siem Reap Location
"Soursdey Bong" - that's what we say when we greet each other.

Welcome to our home, I'm Phouk Lon from Siem Reap.

We are a family that earns our living with hard work. Before COVID, we had a crocodile farm in our front yard. We would sell the meat to China, but due to COVID, the trade stopped, and we don't grow crocodiles anymore. Currently, we have a small mushroom farm where we grow and sell it wholesale. We also have some rice fields which cover our family needs, and we sell some for money. I drive my bus sometimes for travelers' groups when there is a request. However, all these things we do ourselves: me, my wife, and sons.

I live here with my family, with two sons who study at school. Actually, I have 4 more children who got married and live separately in their houses, but they are always around.

Dear guests, you are welcome to join us for dinner in our house, and my wife and I will be pleased to cook for you. We have a lot of stories to share with you and eager to learn the tales of other shores. 

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