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Hello! I am Luat Pham from Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City!

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Hangout Vietnamese Way

My name is Luat Pham, 30 years old, but called Gom; I am a community activist in Vietnam. I am also a blogger write about life experiences, healing and sustainability...
In addition, I love reading, culture and history, and cycling. 

I once cycled from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi 2100km in 2 months to tell stories, take photos along the way and carry out environmental projects to raise public awareness about plastic waste and climate change...

Through LikeLocal, I would love to meet you, friends around the world, to show you a different side or insight into Vietnam, learn about your cultures and customs. We can go for bicycle ride, coffee drinking in local coffee-shops, or else. 

If you are interested in a Vietnamese activity and cant find a local person to accompany you, here we go, Im ready to be part of your adventure.

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