Are you an early bird? Join us to prepare fish for market and share breakfast with fam!

Hello! I am Nei Mom from Siem Reap, Cambodia!

Siem Reap Location
Hi Everyone,

Im Nei Mom, living with my large family by Siem Reap. We are 13 people in the family - two sons, three daughters and many grandchildren.

Pretty much every morning my son catches fish and all the family helps to prepare it for market. Every day I take the fish to the market and sell it there. My daughters help me greatly in this.

My son works as a waiter in his spare time to support our large family.

The youngsters visit school, enjoy their time and never miss a chance to dance and party.

You are welcome to join us for an early morning activity. We start at 6:30am to prepare the fish, to have breakfast and shine for the rest of the day.  Its possible also to go with my sons during the fishing. Please, let us know about that in advance and we will arrange it. 

Our family is looking forward to seeing you in our place. 

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