Bamboo Zen Art with Nguyen Manh Cuong

Hello! I am Bamint Bamboo Zen Art from Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh!

Ho Chi Minh Location

Hi, Im Nguyen Manh Cuong or Bamint as friends calling me. Its already 4 years I create bamboo art that changed my life entirely and not only mine. I started practicing meditate and discovered my balance of emotion through creating bamboo art. Now its my mission to share Vietnamese craft wisdom and Bamboo Zen Art meditation with the world.

Bamboo Buddha statues, balanced dragon flies and many more types of zen art pieces became favorite among my community and beyond.

I live with my family in our house where I have my workshop too. This is where the flexibility and the stubbornness of bamboo get forms, but the meantime shapes my inner peace. Please allocate at least 2 hours of your time to participate in the creation process. Bamboo follows its own timeline.

Come over to our place, lets enjoy a cup of tea with, mindful conversations and let your hands and mind connect to create something together.

Happiness Now & Here!

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