Join a Tattoo Artis and Craft Fermented Drinks Enthusiast in HCMC and Dalat.

Hello! I am Linh Ta from Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam

Saigon Location
Hey there! I'm Linh Ta (you can call me Tom), a 26-year-old Saigon native. I'm a tattoo artist and I make craft fermented drinks. I'm all about art, authentic culture, and outdoor adventures.

I've been doing tattoos for quite some time, specializing in traditional hand-drawn blackwork. I'm all about that face-to-face connection instead of relying on machines for my designs.

On top of that, I make fermented drinks like organic ginger beer and seasonal fruit kefir. My crew and I follow the principles of permaculture food forests.

These are not touristic activities, but my life. I'm super excited to connect with like-minded people through – those who are passionate about hand-drawn tattoos, art, and appreciate organic handmade products.

If you're into getting a unique Vietnamese tattoo and trying some craft fermented drinks, hit me up! I'd love to be part of your adventure.

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