Welcome to our cozy home in the heavenly nature of Armenia

Hello! I am Narine Dombryan from Enokavan, Armenia!

Enokavan Location
Welcome to Yenokavan, I am Narine, This is our house and our family kitchen. These days our village became quite famous among many travelers due to its location and stunning scenery. We also host guests in our guesthouse with its beautiful terrace, fireplace, stone oven and wine cellar, where we produce our own wines and fruit vodkas. 

At our place, you can try delicious homemade food, taste traditional Armenian dishes that you may hardly find in any restaurant, as it takes a long time to make. Sometimes I prepare “khatkash” - a special vegetable stew with red beans, corn and wheat. You cook it overnight before having it on your table the next day. A very hearty family food that is a real experience in itself. The locals also make “korkot” here – from the pig head and lots of wheat. It is common for my kitchen to make sweets from kama powder - a mixture of roasted barley, rye, oat and pea flour, which we mix with sugar, butter and some walnuts. My husband loves making meat barbeque, while I create some magic with vegetarian food using the greens and organic vegetables from our village.

My staple is “nazouk” or “psali” sweet bread, with butter and sugar, baked on the flat iron. I love sharing this recipe and the heartwarming story behind this pastry. People in Tavush region used to celebrate “Vardavar” – water holiday, up in the mountains. Families gathered on that Sunday, climbed the mountains near their villages, made a big fire, played games, danced and prepared food. “Nazouk” was like a mountain pie for us, with the simplest ingredients cooked right over the open fire. It was the best thing we could eat that day, made by our grandparents. This pastry celebrates joyful human interaction, simplicity and sweetness of life. 

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