Immerse in Bamboo Craft Village Life

Hello! I am Nhung Van Nguyen from Hanoi, Vietnam!

Hanoi Location
Hello, I am Nhung. I come from a family that's been living in a Traditional Craft Village on the outskirts of Hanoi (30 km from the Old Quarter) for three generations. 

I would love to share the experience of traditional craftwork, enriched with stories from local artisans who were born before the war, lived through it, and witnessed its aftermath. Our cultural heritage, life, histories, and language are all wrapped up in these narratives. You'll gain an invaluable insight observing the crafting process by local artisans and even have a chance to create your own craft as a souvenir. 

You're also invited to join us for a local meal at lunchtime, a real taste of our community's culinary traditions.

If time permits, I would be delighted to show you my childhood home, where there's a military cave under the nearby mountain that offers great hiking opportunities.

Join us for a day in our lives, where we are dedicated to creating beauty and comfort for others. I look forward to welcoming you.

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