Horseback riding in the wonderful landscapes of Lori

Hello! I am Saro Ohanyan from Lori, Armenia!

Alaverdi Location
Good day. My name is Saro. “Sar” means mountain in Armenian, and I love spending time traveling through our mountains in Lori region. In our village Aygehat we have a horse farm that I started in 2016. Now we already have several tour offers with horses that last from 2 hours to 7 days. We organize tents or book overnights in rural hostels. 

I used to work in Alaverdi municipality, coordinating the tourism sector. Years ago, there were very few experiences in Lori that could attract travelers, so I decided to initiate something myself and now I invest all my time into this mission. I own seven horses on our farm and we rent more horses for the trips if necessary. I was very happy to find locals traveling to our villages during the pandemic, because usually we host foreign guests, especially from Germany, France and the USA. Recently we have had more people from Dubai and Russia.

I found myself loving this job, you somehow become obsessed with it. Horses have their special energy. There is so much to be done, to build more infrastructures, and keep the pristine nature clean. When people come to Armenia, I really want them to see this divine nature. I share the love for our mountains and canyons with them, and get the best local food for them to try.

One day I would like to travel to Tunisia, there is a long story that connects me with that country. If you decide to join me for a horse ride, I might share my story with you.

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