Canvas, flowers, wood...what's your favorite art material?

Hello! I am Emma Aleksanyan from Gyumri, Armenia!

Gyumri Location
Hi, my name is Emma. I am a creative person working with various materials. I studied arts and fashion design, and started my path with painting cozy corners of my hometown Gyumri. My dad is a talented woodworker and my mom is a passionate cook. I have art students, I also work as a florist in a shop. Now I study animation to be able to create my own characters someday. I love animations and cartoons. The latest animation of “Pinocchio” is a masterpiece for me, it is made with real dolls and its technique is just stunning. I love “Klaus”, “Luca”, Disney movies and soviet cartoons as well. During the pandemic, I got involved in a mountaineering club and discovered a new passion for me. Now I have friends with whom we travel around our region to find the hidden gems. 

When I am having guests at my place, we are open to work with different techniques. We can paint on canvases or create our own designs on wooden bags made by my father, we can do decoupage, or bake our own ginger cookies. My guests can also visit me at my flower shop and we can design our bouquet together. My favorite flower is the orchid, which you can see in my still-lives at my studio.

I love sharing my creative energy with people. If I had a chance, I would love to have a healing superpower and help many people to cure their disease. I somehow try to do this through my arts. After all, only human interactions matter the most, not the material possessions. 

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