Ho Chi Minh Through Local Lenses

Hello! I am Pham Huong from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam!

Ho Chi Minh Location
My name is Huong, and I am a young Vietnamese girl from the North of Vietnam. I am currently residing in Ho Chi Minh City and working as a photographer; this is not only a job but also a pleasure of mine; I enjoy capturing life's moments in photographs. In addition, I am a wanderer who wants to experience life and culture through travel and meet new individuals from many countries to discuss art and photography. 

With the rise of social media, my work has become more dynamic as many young girls and couples request photoshoots for their online profiles. I'm sure you can already sense that everything that happens in Vietnam has its own unique style - this certainly applies to photography as well.

I'd love to connect with people from all around the world through LikeLocal. I want to show you the city that inspires me, the spots where I take my clients for the perfect snapshot. You'll remember Ho Chi Minh not only for its visual beauty but also for its ambiance, its mood, its hustle and bustle, and its people. Join me on my daily walks to discover and immerse yourself in our vibrant culture.

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