Make and taste Armenian arishta (Armenian pasta) with Hasmik and Irina

Hello! I am Hasmik, welcome to my world, full of art, culture and great food!

Bjni Location
I am a repatriate from London and Prague, and I am thrilled to now call Armenia my home. After returning, I purchased a beautiful house located in Bjni, a picturesque Armenian village just 40 minutes from the capital city, Yerevan.

Now, I live in Bjni, surrounded by historic sights, picturesque nature, and big-hearted locals. To ensure I remain connected with the rest of the world, I run a small guesthouse and an art centre at my place.

Upon my arrival, I discovered how rich yet undervalued the local culture is. This has become my mission now—to share it with the world and to show it to as many people as possible.

Together with my neighbour, Lady Irina, we make arishta (local Armenian pasta). She has facilities ready to prepare the dough and cut the pasta. Later, we make the pasta in my house with in a traditional way or with a modern twist. 

I warmly invite you to visit us. Here, you will not only discover the unbelievable natural sceneries but also experience the warmth of the local people.

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