A Glimpse into the Life of the Simonyan Family from Yerevan

Hello! I am Tigran Simonyan from Yerevan, Armenia!

Yerevan Location
Hello! We are the Simonyan family, residing in the Nor-Nork district of Yerevan for over a decade now. 

I am the family father, Tigran Simonyan. My profession has been adventure tourism since 2002. My wife, Astghik Hakobjanyan, the mother of our family, is a mathematician who works at the Public Services Regulatory Commission. Both of us have embraced a vegetarian lifestyle for more than 20 years and harbor a deep love for travel. 

Our family extends to our three children. Taron, our eldest at 15 years old, has recently completed the 9th grade and is set to continue his studies at the college of the Institute of Physical Education. Areg, 13 years old, is advancing to the 9th grade and participates in programs at the Tumo center. The youngest of our family is Tsovinar, a lively 3.5-year-old who is currently enrolled in kindergarten.

One of our cherished family activities revolves around preparing and serving vegetarian meals, regardless of the season. Every spring, my wife and I harvest mushrooms, and local herbs from the mountains. These we preserve by freezing and use throughout the year. 

You are always welcome to our humble, health-conscious home. Be assured, we have an abundance of captivating stories to share as well.

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