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Hello! I am Manana Hakobyan from Artsakh living in Dilijan now, Armenia!

Dilijan Location
Hi Everyone, my name is Manan, and I'm on my journey to become a journalist. I'm 16 years old from the paradise known as Artsakh. Due to recent events, my family and I were forced to leave our home and country. We've since found refuge in Dilijan. I am the eldest among my siblings, with a 14-year-old brother and a 9-year-old sister.

My mother is a dedicated biology teacher, having served in our village Norashen's school for over 15 years. My father, a military studies instructor, has now continued his profession at a school in Dilijan.

In our previous home in Artsakh, our doors were always open to guests. Whether they were strangers passing through or family stopping by, our home was a hub of warmth and hospitality. My parents would ensure that every guest was fed and taken care of before they departed.

Once we discovered the possibility of hosting guests through online platforms, my mother asked me to sign us up. Their traditions remain unchanged even in a new environment and through challenging times.

If you decide to visit, you can be certain my mother will serve you a feast to remember, and my father will ensure you're well-taken care of before you continue on your journey. This spirit of hospitality runs in our blood, and it feels odd to be in a new place without the familiar presence of guests surrounding us.

You are very welcomed.

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