Its about Life, Life and Life. Ok, a bit about drinks and food too.

Hello! I am Ruben Stepanyan from Ashtarak, AM!

Ashtarak Location
Hi, I'm Ruben, and I welcome you to my house.
Who am I? It's hard to answer when you are 80 years old, have experienced a lot, have been to many places, but in the end, I'm a happy person. Happy with my life, happy with my family, and content with my current state. I retired and moved to Ashtarak town, not too far from Yerevan. I'm just enjoying my time here, trying to be useful to the community and my neighbors.
Having guests has never been an organized act in our family; it has always been spontaneous. Either my friends or friends of my children will pop up. So, the only stable expectation is that we will have a guest at our place for sure, always.
We organize, of course, large gatherings for family and friends; thus, we equipped our first floor to be the khash table for 30 people. These are bohemian events, where the smartest and most creative people of Armenia gather under our roof, eat, drink, talk, and dream.
Come over to our place. My wife and I will be happy to see you here. We can drink the wines or fathre (you will learn about it here) that we make ourselves, share our life stories, create something together, or just quietly enjoy each other's company.

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